Jonathan Gonzalez

Vancouver, WA 98663 | (786) 231-7208 | it.jonathang(at)

I am a tech loving enthusiast with a knack for coding, pc building and support, as well as gaming in my off time.

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Miami Dade College

Associate of Science
Internet Services Technology - Microsoft Track
August 2011 - May 2016

Miami Southridge Sr. High

August 2007 - May 2011


Programming Languages & Tools
Sites I've Made
MDC Computer Club

MDC Computer Club

Built with Bootstrap
Built in 2016, was one of my last projects for my club before I graduated and it is still being used to this day! Is currently maintained by current club staff and advisor.

Supernova Oncology Sanctuary

Supernova Oncology Sanctuary

Built with Bootstrap
Built in 2016, commissioned for a client. This was the final build before deployment.

Sanctuary of Legends

Sanctuary of Legends

Custom Homepage with Wordpress backend for the rest
Built in 2017, commissioned for a group who were interested in helping gamers with depression.

IWMS Admin


Incorectly Wired Management System (IWMS)

Built with using ASP and Bootstrap
A side-project from 2015, making my own content management system similar to Wordpress but using VB as the base code. This was mainly used as a test of my full range of capabilities as I also had setup MSSQL to serve as the database where all information from the site was stored.

No Live Demo Currently Available (Sorry!)

Radflyff Home

Radical Flyff

Built with using ASP
Before making IWMS a full fledged CMS I made an early version as a site for a popular MMO named Flyff. It had access to the game's databases and would be able to query information such as player stats, and display them online in a ranked table. This was in my first or second year of learning web development.

No Live Demo Currently Available (Sorry!)


Apart from being a tech wizard I roam reddit all day looking at memes and checking the latest news, find more games to play, or find inspiration for future projects.

I just recently picked up an Oculus Rift and have been having an absolute blast with it! Otherwise I'm usually just playing Fortnite, PUBG with my buddies, or on occassion return to my MMO roots and play FFXIV or Guild Wars 2.