Upcoming Events

  • Chemotherapy brain workshop – Memory loss is a common long-term side-effect of chemotherapy, but it does not have to be permanent. Come learn techniques and “brain exercises” that will improve your memory and alleviate the effects of “chemo brain”
  • Sex during and after chemotherapy
  • How to focus on living and not just surviving – special tips on how to find your “happiness” again
  • Talking to children about a cancer diagnosis in the family (i.e. parent) led by child psychologist Lina Sandovaal
  • Having children after a cancer diagnosis
  • Caring for the caregiver

Small Groups (meet monthly unless otherwise specified)

  • Parents of young children
  • People living with stave IV (metastatic) cancer [meets weekly]
  • Professionals group – Focus on maintaining work-life balance, handling insurance issues, how to cope with questions from co-workers, etc. [meets in evenings]

Yoga and dance classes - Join our small classes for restorative and invigorating yoga and dance lessons. Multiple levels for all ages.

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About Us

Supernova Oncology Sanctuary's mission is to create a unique, inviting space where people affected by cancer can find acceptance and reassurance by meeting and collaborating with others who are living with similar circumstances. Our services are fully overseen by Dr. Escalon, a board-certified medical oncologist, whose goal is to provide safe, oncologist-approved complementary and support services for our members.

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